Newsletter 19

Any time within the next few weeks you should notice a 50mph speed limit has been installed on Holmes Chapel Road from our boundary to the Salt Cellar roundabout. The thinking for this move is as follows

  1. from a safety issue, getting blown off the very narrow footpath by the bow wave of air coming from HGVs travelling at over 60mph for anyone brave enough to walk or even cycle down this road
  2. It will make the road safer for Mr Sherwin to cross his cattle to the opposite fields and also make it safer for farm vehicles entering and leaving Daisy Bank Farm
  3. It is hoped traffic coming from Middlewich at 50mph is far more likely to slow down to the 40 limit through the village, also traffic travelling in the opposite direction, once the 50mph limit is known especially HGVs might not try and pick up speed before they exit the 40mph limit.

This is part of S.P.C. long ongoing quest to obtain 30mph through our village making life more tolerable for all residents living on this very busy road.

We have attended a meeting and been in touch on a regular basis with Open Reach the installation company responsible for the “Roll Out” of high speed fibre internet connections, at the moment Sproston is a work in progress situation we will keep on the case and let you know of any further developments.

Our defibrillator placed at the Fox and Hounds has been called into action on two separate occasions. One to assist a suspected heart attack from someone driving up the M6 motorway, emergency services directed them to our defibrillator. On the second occasion someone was taken ill at the Fox. So money well spent we feel.

On a planning issue we attended a presentation held in Middlewich regarding a proposal to build 500 houses, a church and a meeting hall on the land opposite the Salt Cellar Public House. This proposal is in the very early stages so we will keep an eye on this, no smoke without fire.

The council continue to meet at Ravensmore Farm, Broad Lane. Dates for future meetings this year as follows. 5th December,

Contact the council 01477 544229

Cllr Jim McKechnie

Chairman and acting Clerk

Parkside House, Holmes Chapel Road, Sproston, CW4 7LP

01606 834306