Centurian Way Development

We have received a serious planning application called Centruian Way Development which lies opposite the Salt Cellar Public House to Byley Lane in the village of Sproston.

The Parish Council are objecting strongly to this proposal and we would like you, as a resident living along the A54 and in the near vicinity, to also object as this will have tremendous traffic implications passing your front door.

The planning application consists of 370 houses, a church and 600 seat auditorium. The latter is proposed to be in daily use. This is a joint application between Cheshire West and Cheshire East an d the relevant planning numbers are:

Cheshire West – 17/03989 Outline – planning@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk

Cheshire East – 17/4705C – planning@cheshireeast.gov.uk

At this point we do not know who the lead authority is so we would ask you to contact both authorities.

Sproston Parish Council is very concerned regarding the air quality that residents living alongside this road are being subjected to, especially in the light of recent government health findings regarding diesel pollution on congested roads. Not to mention the excessive noise and vibration caused by the already 20,000 vehicles already using this road per day.

The infrastructure in and around Middlewich is at breaking point, hundreds of houses are being erected in Warmingham Lane all relying on services in Middlewich which do not exist. This application will only add to the chaos. If this application is approved it could mean an extra 1,000 plus vehicle movements per day not to mention construction disruption.

We strongly urge all residents to object to this development on the above grounds. Please send your objections to the above addresses.

We would very much appreciate your support as it is your village as well.

Cllr Jim McKechnie

Chairman and acting Clerk

Parkside House, Holmes Chapel Road, Sproston, CW4 7LP

01606 834306